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Over the Mardi Gras break, the STORM project was represented at the 2015 SI2 PI workshop on software sustainability.  In order to prepare for the workshop, we spent some time outlining the motivation, goals, and impacts the at this point of time in the project as well as graphically displaying how all the different components of the project are inter related.  We summarized these concepts on a poster which captures the highlights of our work.
software_stackMotivation: We intend to reinvigorate ADCIRC by leveraging the scalability harnessed by HPX, an open source C++ runtime system, and improving the algorithms which provide the foundation of the model.


  • Scale to 256K cores on modern HPC Systems
  • Separate software infrastructure from application code
  • Use multiple solution algorithms for increased accuracy and fidelity

Impact: STORM will have a large impact on the communities that it comes in contact with including reseachers who study coastal modeling, discontinuous Galerkin methods, and unstructured grids.  Consumers of ADCIRC hydrodynamic output such as biologist, ecologists, coastal engineers, and emergency managers will benefit from the improved resolution and fidelity built into the code base.  Finally, this project will introduce daily simulations of Louisiana coast lines which will be made available to communities such as fishermen and wetland researchers who could benefit from this information.

Community Engagement: This diagram, which illustrate how several key parts of the project interact with different relevant communities:


Check out the full poster here:  SI2 PI Workshop Poster (PDF)

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